All Minus One

All Minus One is an abridged edition of John Stuart Mill’s second chapter of On Liberty.

The text was edited by Richard Reeves and Jonathan Haidt, who also wrote an introduction. The images were created by Dave Cicirelli ( The book was produced by Heterodox Academy, which offers various free and paid versions of the book at

Notes from the Heterodox Academy:

1) It’s just the second chapter (out of 5), because that chapter gives the best arguments ever made for the importance of free speech and viewpoint diversity;

2) We have reduced that chapter by 50% to remove repetitions and historical references that would be obscure today, producing a very readable 7000 word essay;

3) Editors Richard Reeves (a biographer of Mill) and Jon Haidt (a social psychologist) have written a brief introduction to link Mill and his time to the issues of our time, and

4) Artist Dave Cicirelli has created 16 gorgeous original illustrations that amplify the power of Mill’s metaphors and arguments.

Click to access allminusone_pdf-printout-two-page.pdf

You can also buy the book on Amazon:

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